Online Blogs for Recent Graduates

It’s been truly lovely to have such a wonderful response to this space we’ve created, but if anything it’s highlighted to us that there really is an overwhelming sense of uncertainty amongst graduates – especially those finishing University this year. So we thought we’d also point you in the direction of resources in different formats beyond Instagram, starting today with some online bloggers covering the topic of graduation…

1. First up is Alex, the face behind @gradultingblog who shares her personal stories and realistic experiences regarding life after education. Her website is beautifully designed, with posts that touch upon post-uni friendships and paying rent beyond the support of student finance.

2. Secondly, we have Maddie who is a graduate blogger at @mindthegapgraduates with a mission to help us navigate life in our twenties. She has a collection of informative based posts on topics including using LinkedIn, emailing in the workplace, and more!

3. Finally, Shannon Grace at @shangraceblog is a graduate blogger with a lifestyle focus. With a whole section on her website called ‘twenty something’, she touches on discussions often faced by many graduates including the after uni job hunt and the realities of getting your dream job.

Hopefully this little selection will give you something to both read and relate to. 

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