Settling into the workplace as a graduate

28th January 2021

Words by Maddie Astle, Founder of Mind The Gap Graduates One thing, among many, that graduates can struggle with after leaving the comforting armsof education is adjusting to the workplace. This new environment, that we are often ill-prepared for, can be daunting and someone that is used to the structure and demands ofschool or university […]

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Five Ways Volunteering Can Help You After Graduation

8th January 2021

Words by Beth Turnball-Smailes Finishing uni is a strange feeling, particularly when it’s not exactly a normal year to begin  with. You’ve worked so hard for three long, stressful years until one day when you press  ‘submit’ on your final assignments and then suddenly you’re not a student anymore! The safety net is suddenly gone and […]

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8 Lessons I Learnt at University (Outside the Classroom!)

4th December 2020

It’s no secret that constant learning takes place at universities across the globe. Besides classroom lectures, textbook readings, and studying for exams, some of the best life lessons happen at university outside of the classroom. Here are the eight life lessons I learned at university beyond the classroom.  Discovering who you are is a journey. […]

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Small Business Q&A | Sophie Winter

30th November 2020

How did you decide that University was not for you? For me, it was never about being against university or pro-apprenticeship but rather being set on a particular university and not getting it. Originally, I wanted to go into Politics and do the PPE at Oxford route, it wasn’t just about wanting to follow the […]

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How to Ace your Graduate Job Application

28th November 2020

2020 graduates have had it rough. Really, really rough. Imagine having spent three years working your ass off only to have a shockingly mediocre graduation ceremony over Zoom before being catapulted into a collapsing economy where employers know too damn well that they have the upper hand. I’ve seen jobs advertising an £18k.p.a. salary that […]

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Studying a Generic Degree – What Comes Next?

19th November 2020

Written by Izzy Cole When I decided on studying English Literature, I was met with the same predictable responses. I was either going to ‘end up’ as a teacher, which there is of course nothing wrong with, but it never seemed framed as anything other than an inevitable outcome. Otherwise and in slightly more positive […]

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Going To University At An Uncertain Time In Your Life

11th November 2020

Content warning – this article contains references to anorexia and eating disorders. If you are struggling with similar issues, please use the Beat Helpline: 0808 801 0677 for advice and support. 2017. The year I made the biggest leap in life yet to move to University and begin a new journey. For four years prior to […]

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Platform Spotlight: The Hysteria Collective

24th October 2020

Today on The Graduate Club we have a platform spotlight from the Founder of The Hysteria Collective. Created by 2020 Philosophy and Politics Graduate, Imogen Brighty-Potts, the platform is a collective for creative women, trans and non-binary people to share their work, voices, and network with one another. Imy has kindly shared a little bit […]

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