Biggest CV mistakes you are making!

12th October 2021

Biggest CV Mistakes you are making! CV…one of the most commonly used abbreviations in your final year. Universities tend to show students these pre-programmed systems that are supposed to be adequate for everyone. After all, we’ve all attended those tedious classes or workshops that prove to be 100% effective in getting you that dream job! […]

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Transferring Universities: A Student Guide with Alycia McNamara

28th June 2021

By Alycia McNamara Thinking about transferring universities? Odds are, you might not know how to go about it, you’re probably worried because not many other people make the same decision, and you don’t know who to go to for help. Information on the topic is scarcely available and navigating yourself through the system isn’t always […]

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Surviving post-graduation blues…

7th March 2021

Finishing university can be completely overwhelming, let alone during a global pandemic. My second semester of third year was probably the most stressful time of my life. I had constant deadlines to meet, an 8,000-word dissertation to write whilst trying to cope with the pressure of achieving my best mark. How would I be defined […]

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Settling into the workplace as a graduate

28th January 2021

Words by Maddie Astle, Founder of Mind The Gap Graduates One thing, among many, that graduates can struggle with after leaving the comforting armsof education is adjusting to the workplace. This new environment, that we are often ill-prepared for, can be daunting and someone that is used to the structure and demands ofschool or university […]

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