Who Are We?

The Graduate Club is a free platform, created to support all graduates throughout their next steps after University. There is an overwhelming lack of support provided to graduates facing these huge life changes, and we hope to open up this discussion to recognise how many people are feeling the same.

The reality is that leaving University isn’t all it’s made out to be. We need to move away from the suggestion that you need to have everything worked out straight away and highlight that its okay to take a bit of time to figure out your path.

Whether your dealing with the emotions of moving our of your university household, the fear of putting your future goals on hold, or you just aren’t sure what your next step will entail – join The Graduate Club as we all attempt to navigate this journey into adulthood together.

How Can You Get Involved?

The Graduate Club is about discussing our stories as a community - so we want to hear your experiences too! Are you struggling with life post-university, or are you someone who has already overcome the hurdles that many are currently facing? Send us an email.

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