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The Graduate Club is a platform for graduates attempting to navigate their next step after University. It is made up of success stories, where people can share how they overcame hurdles that many are now facing, short features on common uncertainties, supportive resources, and collaborations.

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What do we do?

The Graduate Club was set up in June 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 job environment. A whole influx of new graduates were dragged into the real world without a celebration of their success and a lack of real guidance on where to go next. It took form as an Instagram platform - a safe space to share the common worries we were all facing. As it grew, we have expanded to encompass a website so our contributors are able to write long-form content and share their stories beyond the confinements of Instagram. We hope you enjoy reading our short features, relating to our range of experiences, and joining the community of graduates both new and old.

Instagram Platform

The Graduate Club is an informative, encouraging, and super aesthetic platform!

- Zoe Montgomery

The Graduate Club has helped me feel calm and given me hope over these past crazy months.

- Rachel Baylis

The Graduate Club is insightful and gives me comfort knowing that I'm not alone with all that post grad life brings!

- Tanishqua Sattiraju

I like the quality over quantity approach with the content!

- Nisha

I like the ability to find comfort in our equal suffering - it's been a good place to go for support!

- Madeleine Bourne