How to get experience for your CV – all by yourself!

10th October 2020

“We are welcoming graduates to apply, 3-5 years experience is essential” Great. After graduating in 2019, I began my, what felt like, never-ending search for a job. From August-October, I non-stop applied for whatever marketing/media/communications job I could find, and hoped for the best, despite absolutely zero experience or knowledge of marketing what-so-ever! Somehow, I […]

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Small Business Q&A: Madison Parsons

13th August 2020

Name: Madison Parsons Personal Insta: maddie_parsons Business Insta: @foursevernnine What were your initial career plans for life after University? When I first started university, I had absolutely no idea! It was not really until the end of my second year of doing a Music Business degree that I realised I most enjoyed the marketing aspect […]

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