Will to Learn, Strive to Grow

Will to Learn

“You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Everyone has the ability to learn, but it comes down to who has made the active choice to do so. Learning is not only reading, writing, watching, and listening. The ability to think and willingness to learn can make wonders happen. The Deafblind community has nurtured a lot of scholars over the years, by making use of means such as Tactile Learning. 

The willingness to learn is underrated. You cannot teach someone who is not willing to learn. Whoever is not willing to learn, does not do so when taught by any teacher. Be it tangible or intangible. Tangible teachers are the teachers who physically interact with your primary senses like humans, books, digital media, etc. Whereas, intangible teachers are those who do not interact with our primary senses but have an impact on our life regardless. Namely, Time, ‘Failure’, and Traumatising experiences like losing a loved one, etc. 

Intangible teachers though are not able to interact with our primary senses. They are the ones willing to bestow the greatest lessons in life. But those who are not willing to learn, will not see the lesson that is to be learnt even when served on a silver platter. In life, if one is not willing to learn, they won’t even realise what is to be learnt from the teacher.

The fact that you are reading this, means that you are willing to learn. That, in itself, puts you ahead of the curve. For to learn, is to grow. 

“More you learn = More the growth = More the success”

Strive to Grow

Willingness to learn stems from the desire to grow. For its occurrence is tied into one’s realisation that he/she is not enough… yet. 

The moment “I am not enough.” Turns into “I am not enough, yet.” It represents the tenacity of the person. The growth potential of the being that has accepted that its mind has the capacity to grow, is infinite. That the mind knows no bounds. It will grow as much as one wants. 

I was asked a question the other day; “Who are the people, who deserve to be successful?”

It is a simple question, but it sent me into a thought process where I was aboard the train of thought that was headed to an unknown destination. And the thought I arrived on was the following;

The one who deserves to be successful, is. For when one is deserving of something, they obtain in. This might not be the case regarding day-to-day life. But in the bigger scheme of things, whoever strives, is the one who deserves. For those who strive, attain, or rather, earn success. Those who are served success, or what is thought to be it, on a platter. Whoever has an equal footing to those who strive in matters of life, is privileged. Privilege is by no means an enemy by nature, but an ally of success. Those who live a successful life, are in-turn privileged. 

What differentiates those who have earned the success from those who haven’t, is proportionality and order. Order stands for the order in which the elements were achieved. Did privilege precede the success? Or succeed it? But the mere fact that privilege preceded success, does not make one unworthy of it. If one is provided with privilege, then their worthiness is decided by the efficiency with which they utilise their privilege. The proportion of where they were before and where they put themselves as time went on. 

Point being, the moment you strive for success, you are believing. You are believing in the future you are capable of making. That belief and strife lead to assessing oneself, where the thought of learning and growing comes in. History has shown that those who strive, grow. Some might take mere days to peak while others take decades. But the fact is, everyone does peak. It is a matter of eagerness and willingness to learn and grow.

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