Small Business Q&A with Maddie Booth, Founder of Scrubbee

How was your university experience?

I had a whirlwind of a university experience; I threw myself into anything and everything to see what stuck. This was honestly the best decision I made because I started things like Pole dancing and made friends with some of the best people ever and learnt insane skills! I went to Australia for a study abroad and that again introduced me to some of the best people and taught me so much about independence. In my final year, I was insanely busy, I co-founded a social enterprise, ran an art exhibition, started working on Scrubbee, launched an art biz side-hustle, you name it I was probably doing it – frankly didn’t leave much time for studying! But I loved the hustle and bustle of running my own shiz even if it did mean I missed out on the occasional party here and there!

What was your motivation for creating Scrubbee?

It has been almost a year since the idea for Scrubbee came to me. For years, I had struggled with keeping my skin clear, trying every cosmetic out there. It was not until I kept having allergic reactions that I actually began questioning; what is really inside our products?

As a student, I could not afford high-end brands using solely natural ingredients. And so, I began making my own natural skin care alternatives from your everyday kitchen ingredients. Studying Global Sustainable Development, I was keen to ensure that the ingredients I was using were as sustainable as they could be, trying to use waste ingredients that could be given a new lease of life. Through research, I found that used coffee grounds had huge beneficial factors for your skin, such as treating acne and reducing puffiness. As a consumer myself, I have seen the amazing benefits it could have on your skin! 

I wanted to create a skincare line that was affordable, sustainable, and encouraged people to fall back in love with their skin – no matter its outward appearance!

What tips would you suggest for encouraging self-care and self-love?

  • Exercise – an obvious one but honestly this can be anything! Joining ‘this girl can’ on insta or Facebook is really good for this to keep motivated or give you random ways to keep fit! 
  • Yoga/breathing – Something I try to do once a day is spend 2 minutes just really breathing which I definitely find decreases my heart rate and grounds me. Then maybe once a week I will do some yoga with candles or music on.
  • Dancing – The absolute elite of self-care. Shut your bedroom door, blast some music (even through headphones if you wanna be super considerate) and just dance! 
  • Have a good cry – Throughout uni this was an absolute go-to! Put on a really sad film and let it all out!
  • Create a routine – This can be super helpful when you are changing jobs, starting uni, moving to a new house, anything that is super stressful. Feeling in control of things can help to provide direction.
  • Plan your day – I do this every morning (sad – I know!). But honestly, it has helped me so much, I plan a to do list every day, and I make sure I put in a whole hour for lunch to do something like take a walk or listen to a podcast.

Where do you see yourself, and Scrubbee, in the next 5 years?

5 years ago, if you asked me this, I would’ve said trying to become an MP (Bore!). Oh, how things have changed! I hope in 5 years’ time that Scrubbee will be a ‘success’, however one defines that (hopefully then that silly imposter syndrome leaves). But honestly, even if it is not, I have learnt an insane amount about running my own business that I hope I will have the guts to give a second business a go! I have definitely learnt that I want to be my own boss – so I am determined one way or another that I will be!

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own business?

Firstly, START TODAY. The most important thing I was told by so many entrepreneurs when I started out was just get going! 

The biggest thing I have learnt in the process is make as many contacts and relationships as you can. With any entrepreneur, or frankly anyone that is interested in your idea. I have become a part of so many communities now and learnt so much from each one, it has been invaluable! 

And finally, do not be scared of failing. In a years’ time you’ll either be grateful you started or wish you had. 

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