Platform Spotlight: The Hysteria Collective

Today on The Graduate Club we have a platform spotlight from the Founder of The Hysteria Collective. Created by 2020 Philosophy and Politics Graduate, Imogen Brighty-Potts, the platform is a collective for creative women, trans and non-binary people to share their work, voices, and network with one another.

Imy has kindly shared a little bit more about the platform that we wanted to share with you today…

A summary of The Hysteria Collective

“The Hysteria Collective is a home for creativity, community, diversity, sustainability and all of the things that join those areas together. A community of women, trans and non-binary people, we share a lot of impressive opinion pieces, poetry, short stories and Interviews with incredibly impressive women like Stella Talpo, Mary Beard and Elizabeth Noble. We host live events on our Instagram including our recent IGTV live series on careers. We are a place where students can gain ambassadorial and editorial experience and build a portfolio of writing. A lot of people also use our platform to publish anonymous creative work, often about mental health and trauma, using us as an outlet. We have a lot of graduates who make up our contributor and editorial base too, who fill their spare time with writing and creating with us which is fab. All of our current sub-editors are still studying as are our ambassadors. You can find out more about our subs on our website!”

The story behind the platform – Imy’s Inspiration

“I have always loved words and writing, and after being involved in an accident that helped me take a look at my life and what I was doing (getting drunk enough to run into the road and break 8 bones being hit by a car is NOT good choices lol), I threw myself into performance, stand up comedy, started a blog and started writing for student media. I wanted to LIVE, and I started writing and writing and writing and I couldn’t stop. Some of what I was writing, the poetry, the stories, the angry feminsit and political pieces, I couldn’t find a home for. So while rehearsing for the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, I started building a place where women, trans and non-binary people could share their creativity. We launched on the 1st of September and the rest as they say, is history. I now have two deputy editors, three sub-editors and several incredible ambassadors. I was in my third year at uni when this launched, juggling three committee positions, my dissertation, a part time job, Hysteria and my degree. I was knackered, but now, when I see the number of incredible pieces we have had the privilege of sharing, I see our 200 contributors of art, writing, music and so much more, and I see my wonderful team, IT IS SO WORTH IT. 

I’m now a grad, working on a night masters at Birkbeck and working full time as a freelance copywriter and journalist, and Hysteria is the best part of every day. I love it, more than I can say. Writing for Hysteria and beyond led me to my career now.”

Deputy Editors

“My deputy editors are both recent graduates and very interesting people. We have Georgia who is a Classics grad from Royal Holloway who now works in Starbucks while doing freelance photography and graphics. Leah is a Sussex uni grad who is now doing a pUblishing MA at City and is literally the most hardworking person I have ever met.”


You can check out The Hysteria Collective website at and if you are currently still at University they are looking for student ambassadors to create and promote alongside their team. Get in touch with Imy at

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